Assignment 3: JavaScript

Done entirely without JQuery!

Question 1

Part 1: Hiding a paragraph on click

Part 2: Toggling list colour on list-item click

Part 3: Toggling paragraph on colour on click & double click

Part 4: Syncing text-input with textarea

Part 5: Changing <div> size by input


Part 6: Image fade-in and fade-out

Part 7: Inserting a new list-item on click

Part 8: Fancy animations on click


Question 2

Pick which type of animal you like better and play a little game with them! You'll have six random pictures spat at you, but only one will be your favourite one. Pick the correct one for one hundred points! If you pick the wrong one, you'll lose twenty.
I am not responsible for what images appear on screen. They are pulled from The Cat API and Dog CEO's Dog API.
This can be found on its own page here.