Assignment 6

For this assignment, we were to create a level for a video game using a pre-existing game.

Here's a link to the video's actual YouTube Page.

The majority of the information for this assignment is in spoken word in the video. I.E., this video is where I chronicle the creation of the level, apart from the initial planning phase.

This image shows what my initial idea of the stage started as (once I had decided on the game, of course). As you can see, it started out much simpler than it turned out in the end:

Sketch of the stage


How does this level meet the requirements?

This level has two sections to it: a slow, yet easy section, and a harder section which, should you have the skill, is much faster. In the game I chose, the user-created levels are based around a Challenge mode, wherein the player is to speedrun the stage as quickly as possible. The players are ranked on two separate times - one for the fastest overall completion of the stage, and another for the fastest time in which all the coins in the stage are collected. By placing all the coins in my stage on the more difficult of my paths, I have essentially created three different paths for the player to choose from: 1), an easier, but less rewarding path; 2), a more challenging path which may be completed much faster, should the player have the necessary skills; and 3), a difficult path with added challenge to get onto a more prestigious leaderboard.

By designing the level this way, I have created separate paths (choice requirement) with inherently different speeds at which they will be completed (pacing requirement). Because of the nature of the game I selected, -- Ultimate Chicken Horse's regular gameplay involves a blank canvas of a stage, in which a random mish-mash of objects are placed -- my level fits the main theme of the game well (theme requirement).

In order to satisfy the requirement that the level must have 'several elements mixed together,' I designed my level to also be compatible with the game's Party Mode. In Party mode, players place down new blocks each turn, to try and make the stage harder and/or easier to complete. By using a combination of indestructible and regular pieces, the players in party mode can reshape the obstacles in the level, create new shortcuts, or completely alter the course, all while making the general path of the course remain the same.