Welcome to my Personal Website!

This used to be a Loki Site, but now I'm hosting it on an AWS Lightsail Server. How exciting is that?!

What is Loki? Loki is the name of Trent University's local server for web development. I have access to it as part of my time in COIS-2830H, Multimedia and Design. This is where all of my work for COIS-2830H will reside.

As well as using this site to hold all of my assignments, I'm going to be using it to play around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm so excited for this course because it allows me to learn an aspect of programming (web design) in a fun way.

Click here to view my p5.js / JavaScript work. I guess I could technically call this a JavaScript portfolio...

Use the links up top to view my assignments, or click here:

Images from Lab #1

meme1 meme2 meme3 meme4

Here are three silly memes, plus one image of an adorable least weasel from the BBC's nature documentary, Frozen Planet (It's a really good doc, I highly recommend it!). I hope you enjoy them! 😄

Images from Lab #2



cat-shop1 cat-shop2